Friday, April 15, 2016

How to give the “big boys” a run for the customers

Your business may not be in the “big boys” league. They seriously intimidate you and hog all the best customers—You wish that you could attract just a small % of those high paying clients to your business!

They say you do not need to reinvent the wheel and   why not then copy what they are doing. Before you say “backfire”, you have ran out of budget, only a few customers show up and that bank loan is yet to be paid. Did I hear the auctioneers knocking?

Once bitten, twice shy and now you keep off banks and pray for customers to walk to your door. You offer superb service and this “hope marketing” also yields a few more customers who have been sent over by previous customers.

You are always anxious, wondering where the next customer will come from and the bills are piling. Now the stress is sending to the doctors where more money is needed………

You have come to a point where you think that marketing is complicated and confusing. In fact you are a technical person not a marketer. You are actually too busy producing the product or service to get time to market. In fact this marketing business is expensive!

What if you   cracked the code and now have a consistent stream of customers?

Your worry is now more of how to keep these customers satisfied as you are so aware that your best customer is your competitor’s best prospect.

You now have a profitable marketing system that provides you with all the customers you need. You are not there yet but you can see the light at the end of “big boys” league tunnel.

You are no longer spending a fortune on acquiring the customers as you have cut all waste and fat out of the marketing budget. In fact the cost of acquiring new customers is decreasing.

You have  a variety of  marketing channels at your disposal but knowing your key customers characteristics, you can easily select the  channel that will reach most of them.

And the best part- It does not have to cost an “arm and a leg”

Take this blog as an example. I am a customer to one web designer. Our relationship started some back when I wanted a logo designed.

As is the case nowadays, the internet is most likely to be the supplier discovery channel of choice.   I googled, got some providers and ultimately landed on Here I searched some more and added to my list.

 I asked for quotes and reduced my choices to three, did some further research via their websites and finally selected my current provider.

Now to the crux of the matter; How much did my provider pay to NOTHING!!! What other investments did the designer need to process the advert? CLOSE TO ZERO!!!! These classified adverts are posted free of cost other than a few minutes of your time and corresponding internet connectivity cost! 

How many other customers are being generated from this platform at AMOST ZERO COST and how much are they worth?

Please register me in "My Customer Multiplier Blueprint" Program. I am sending an email to; subject “My Customer Multiplier Blueprint” Program  to enroll

Are you still wondering how you can multiply your customers?

Join “My Customer Multiplier Blueprint” program and
  • Understand the foundation you need to get the most out of your marketing effort- note it is effort not budget
  • Learn of the multiplication strategies you have at your disposal at CLOSE TO ZERO budget
  • Learn how you can compete with the “big boys” on the same platforms at less cost 
  • Understand how you can leverage on the online /internet technology to acquire and maintain customer relationships
  • Understand how you can leverage on other businesses customer base including your competitors!

Please register me in "My Customer Multiplier Blueprint" Program. I am sending an email to info@biasharacoach.comsubject “My Customer Multiplier Blueprint” Program  to enroll

This program is designed for Passionate Entrepreneurs who want to profitably multiply their customers and consequently their incomes! 

In this program, you will receive strategies on how to multiply your customers at minimal costs!

  • We have made it super simple and easy through a step by step process in each lesson
  • You will be involved in adapting the strategies to your scenario through the various exercises within the lesson
  • You have no choice but to get to work as you will work on strategies based on the lessons learned and share your queries via email with the Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach every week for the six weeks 
  • You will not be alone as you strategise, implement, monitor, evaluate the strategies as you get   support from the Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach
  • You will have access to a like-minded community of entrepreneurs in the members section where you meet, participate, learn, share experiences and motivate one another to higher performance. Who knows, you may even get new customers here!
  • Furthermore you immediately join   The Passionate Entrepreneurs Mastermind email newsletter where you get bi weekly tips on business success
  • Learning is a lifelong process and as such Did I say that   you will get updates on any new strategies added to the program posted on the members section? I just Did!

 ..........And we want results, which means that only admit limited number of students will be admitted

When you mean to work less, make more money and positively impact

Virginia Mburu
The Work Less, Make more Money Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach

PS...Book your seat early as only limited vacancies available

PSS...You can also play in your industry’s “Big Boys” league without spending a fortune!

Please register me in "My Customer Multiplier Blueprint" Program. I am sending an email to info@biasharacoach.comsubject “My Customer Multiplier Blueprint” Program  to enroll

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