Friday, April 15, 2016

Why the last decision or action you procrastinated could be the last “weird” thing you will ever do

Do you find yourself delaying starting that report or project or even making a decision every so often?  Think of the last thing you procrastinated. Deep down in yourself, what thoughts were playing in your mind just before you put off that action?

Did you consciously want to take the “putting off’ decision?  Were you passionate about what you “put off” or it was just one of the many “things-to- do”? What was the impact of ‘putting off’ the action on your esteem, confidence, progress, finances, etc?

What kind of excuses did you   present to your seniors, peers or team? What was the impact on your relationships with others? What other “weird” things do you find yourself doing that are totally out of tune with the “informed You”? Those ones that you chide yourself saying- “I should have known better”!

Hold it there!

 This scenario could soon be HI! STORY having changed your story and written a new one; “MY STORY”. IN “MY STORY”   you are pursuing what you are passionate about. You have discovered what was hindering and even sabotaging your progress and squarely dealt with it.

While at it, you have designed a balanced work/life structure around your business/career, family, health, spirituality, education, public life etc. The procrastination bug is now history as you take pride in the many achieved goals and projects.

You clearly have your vision in sight and are enjoying every step of your journey……………….

 I did

In a most interesting way; Having worked in the  sales and marketing field for 20 years, I took a break and went back to class as an MBA student.

I was attending weekend classes and ended up in a lunch meeting that set the foundation to discovering what I wanted to do with my life- working with passionate entrepreneurs to work less, make more money and positively impact.

Back to our lunch, my friend runs a business and was seriously worried about losing a major customer. This “customer X” had introduced a competing product in the same outlets she was supplying!

What was worse is that the product was of lower quality and the outlets were manned by customer X staff who were obviously selling own products rather than my friends product!

Further probing nailed the issue. The customers could not differentiate “My friends” product from “Customer X” product...Reason….My friend believed that   her product had to be supplied in raw form and thus could not be packed and branded.

We agreed to test this hypothesis and to cut the story short, the branding worked and Customer X pulled their product off the shelf.

What about me? I discovered how much difference one strategy that seems so obvious given my professional background can make to an overwhelmed entrepreneur. And just how certain beliefs can hold us back from taking business/life changing decisions.....

This set me on a new journey and I am enjoying every step of the way.....

Please register me in "My Inside Out Lifestyle Design" Program. I am sending  an email to; subject “My Inside- out Lifestyle Design” to enroll

You can also write your “My story”

Join “ My Inside out Lifestyle Design” program  and
  • Take complete charge of your life and have total control of what happens in your life
  • Get rid of all that clatter in your mind that halts your progress
  • Take timely optimal decisions that lead to high performance in all areas of your life
  • Have more fulfilling relationships and ultimately more happiness!
  • Release the baggage you have been carrying all those years and possibly affecting your health
  • Discover the latent potential inside you that is just waiting to pop out
  •  Stop the procrastination game and recreate the business, career, health, family relationships finances, spiritual life you always dream of
  •  Stop making stories why you can’t

Please register me in "My Inside Out Lifestyle Design" Program. I am sending  an email to info@biasharacoach.comsubject “My Inside- out Lifestyle Design” to enroll

This program is designed for Passionate Entrepreneurs- go getters who are willing to put in as much effort as it takes to   re-design their lifestyles to the one they always dream of.

In this program, you will receive strategies on how to design your lifestyle from inside- out

We have made it simple easy to do through a step by step process in each lesson

You will be involved in adapting the strategies to your scenario through the various exercises within the lesson
You have no choice but to get to work as you will work on strategies based on the lessons learnt and share your queries via email with the Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach every week for the six weeks 

You will not be alone as you strategise, implement, monitor, evaluate the strategies as you  get   support  from the Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach

You will have access to a likeminded community of entrepreneurs in the members section where you meet, participate, learn, share experiences and motivate one another to higher performance. Who knows, you may even get new customers here!

Furthermore-you immediately join   The Passionate Entrepreneurs Mastermind email newsletter where you get bi weekly tips on business success

Learning is a lifelong process and as such Did I say that   you will get updates on any new strategies added to the program posted on the members section? I just Did!
....And we want results and as such, we will only admit limited number of students.

When you mean to work less, make more money and positively impact

Virginia Mburu
Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach

PS... Book early as only limited vacancies available
PSS...Live life…. Design it inside out

Please register me in "My Inside Out Lifestyle Design" Program. I am sending  an email to info@biasharacoach.comsubject “My Inside- out Lifestyle Design” to enroll

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