Monday, September 19, 2016

Are your current customers’ giving you as much money as you would want?

Are your current customers’ giving you as much money as you would want?

Do you know who they are, really?

What if they could actually buy more?

And you the one leaving the money on the counter........

Join us as we explore the five key strategies that will assist you make more money from your current customers....These strategies will be delivered to you via an e-course “Fishing in your customer’s list” which will be conducted via email from 26th   to 30th September, 2016. 

For each of the five days, a lesson will be sent to you and you can also request for clarifications via

Your investment.... How much do you make from each customer? What would it mean if you can make 10, 20, 30, 40, 50% more etc. form each customer? How much would this translate to in a month?   By the way.....What would you do with the extra money? 

 Okay...Your investment is 1000.00 via Mpesa 0708918277 and you can make Kshs.......... moreeeeee ..... (fill in the gap as you sure do know your customer’s potential) .  Is the value more than the investment?.....Then send that mpesa transaction number , your preferred email address and course name  “Fishing in my Customers’ List” and your preferred email address to

Remember ----First lesson  that will get you making the best and highest use of your time will be mailed to you Monday, 26th September, 2016.....See you there... 

But should you want to start immediately, just shout... After all, there is an African proverb that can be translated as ... “Feeding earlier is not greed”.....

 And please share this opportunity with another Passionate Entrepreneur......

Virginia Mburu...The Work Less, Make More money Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach

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