Friday, April 15, 2016

Are you, your employees and partners transferring “bad vibes” to customers?

Zig Ziglar, the renowned sales guru  says  that “selling is essentially a transfer of feelings”. Phillip Kotler takes it further and notes that The sales department isn’t the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department”

What type of feelings are being transferred to your products or services as they are produced and / or processed? What about during delivery, installation and after sales?

What about the feelings transferred to the customers? What feeling does management transfer as they put together the  strategic plan and the  sales strategy? What about the sales managers as they plan and manage performance? What about Finance Managers as they invoice and collect debts? What about operations as they fulfill the orders?

Now to the key personnel in this function.. The sellers....What do they feel about the business and products /services they sell? What do they feel about their capabilities?  What feelings are they transferring to the customers before, during and after sales?

Would you buy from your business?

What if you were transferring positive feelings to your products and customers always?

You have products and services that have been lovingly produced with the customer’s needs in focus. Everyone who handles the products/ services   with great care while delivering, installing or servicing the same. The deliveries get to customer on time every time.

You are a most credible and reliable provider resulting in great image, repeat business and consequently more incomes. 
Your sales team is hitting the sales target more often which improves their earnings and improves retention.  The business is as a result making more money.

The team is more productive which results in less customer acquisition costs. Ultimately your bottom line (profit) is improving every year. You are now reinvesting in better systems as well as extending your geographical/ customer /industry coverage.

Rome was not build in a day--- take the first step to building a “World Class Sales System’ and the next step will be almost automatic

That one step usually has a ripple effect on other processes. I worked in a business where  a  change in one strategy drastically changed the  financial  results.

There is this business with a national coverage. In order to cover the whole market, the whole sales team would move from one region to the next. They would be in one region for a very short time before moving on to the next.  A slight tweak in strategy and the team was split and each assigned to different regions.

Though fewer in number, the  mini-teams had more time to cover the now smaller regions. The revenues coming from the regions increased significantly. I am sure the feelings transmitted were more positive with the new strategy.

The sellers were more relaxed which must have been transferred to the customers as well. They could now visit  more customers than previously and thus acquire more new customers!

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Please register me in  “My World Class Sales System” Program. I am sending an email to; subject “My World Class Sales System” to enroll

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Virginia Mburu
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Please register me in "My World Class Sales System" Program. I am Sending an email to; subject “My World Class Sales System” Program  to enroll

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