Friday, April 15, 2016

Are you starving your customer or yourself?

By Virginia Mburu

Stupid question given that you may not even know what they prefer on their menu. All the   same, let’s look at it again given that what you provide is part of their lifestyle menu;

Think of that restaurant you last visited and would comfortably give them “lousy service award of the year”. As is the case in that restaurant,  take any one of your favorite  customers and  walk in their shoes for a moment;  
  • How easy is it to buy from your business?
  • What experiences does that customer go through as he/she buys from you?
  • Does he/she feel like they are having some teeth pulled out?
  • How do you deliver that order?
  • Do you deliver on every promise you make?
  • Every time? On time? Within budget?
  • Do you care to find out what  your customer’s needs are now and how they are likely to change  in the near future?
  •  Are you are meeting those needs and any others that you can easily meet now? Are you planning how to meet the future needs?
  • Would you still claim you are not starving your customer?

What if you   served the right orders, in the right way, to the right customers on time?

Your customers love you and reward you by buying more of your products and services. They are telling their family, friends, colleagues about your irresistible service and influencing them to your favour.

You are certainly getting less returns which positively impact your costs and credibility.

Your company and brand positioning shifts to your favour as you are now famed  as  the most predictable and reliable supplier. This is now reflecting on your market share as you win more customers to your side of the ring.

You  now plan to replicate this model on   new customers and markets.......
Are you ready to serve?

Take action now.  Before you find yourself in a situation of one of my clients who was asked  a most revealing question by one customer( Lets call her Jane).

This client supplies cakes and customers visits the shop to place their orders. Jane used to buy cakes every family birthday, anniversary and other special occasions.  That year passed without placing any orders.

The following year, they  met  and  my  client asked how comes Jane  had not  been celebrating birthdays  as usual.   Jane’s response was, “Why should I be the one to remind you that you have customers? I am taking my money elsewhere.”

How many other customers felt “not supported’ in the buying process and hit back by taking their money to the competition.  Who was left starving?

As Jane rightly said, the customer holds the money and they can starve you – literally.

Please register me in "My Customer Lifetime Value Optimizer" Program. I am sending an email to or Tel/whatstapp 0771535052 ; subject “MY Customer Lifetime Value Optimizer” program to enroll

Join “ My  Customer Lifetime value Optimizer” program  and
  • Learn how to motivate the customer to  give you their money
  • Understand  how to position your business to be the only go to provider  for the products and services you offer
  • Know  how to create a “new’  customer from the “existing” one 
  • Know  how to unearth the other customer needs and how you can satisfy them
  • Get tips to build and maintain a profitable relationship with the customer
  • Learn  how to deal with a customer who no longer needs your products and services

Please register me in "My Customer Lifetime Value Optimizer" Program. I am sending an email to or Tel/whatstapp 0771535052  subject “MY Customer Lifetime Value Optimizer” program to enroll

This program is designed for Passionate Entrepreneurs who want to acquire and retain a customer who holds the money the entrepreneur needs to keep from starving! 

In this program, you will receive strategies on how to profitably acquire and retain a customer - for life perhaps!

  • We have made it simple and easy through a step by step process in each lesson
  • You will be involved in adapting the strategies to your scenario through the various exercises within the lesson
  • You have no choice but to get to work as you will work on strategies based on the lessons learnt and share your queries via email with the Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach every week for the six weeks 
  • You will not be alone as you strategise, implement, monitor, evaluate the strategies as you get support from the Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach
  • You will have access to a likeminded community of entrepreneurs in the members section where you meet, participate, learn, share experiences and motivate one another to higher performance. Who knows, you may even get new customers here!
  • Furthermore you immediately join   The Passionate Entrepreneurs Mastermind email newsletter where you get bi weekly tips on business success
  • Learning is a lifelong process and as such did I say that   you will get updates  on any new strategies added to  the  program posted on the members section? I just Did!
Now, you can choose the study mode  as under;

We want results and will only admit limited number of students.

When you mean to work less, make more money and positively impact

Virginia Mburu
Passionate Entrepreneurs Coach

PS...Book your seat early as only limited vacancies available

PSS...Stop Starvation! Serve your customers the right order, in the right way, every time, on time!

Please register me in "My Customer Lifetime Value Optimizer" Program. I am sending an email to or Tel/whatsapp 0717535052  subject “MY Customer Lifetime Value Optimizer” program to enroll

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